Arbor2 Whether your arboricultural needs are for a small tree, a woodlot, or municipality owned trees, Farley, Inc. has a broad range of tree services including:

  • Consultation
  • Removals
  • Crown reduction- Reduce the overall size of your tree
  • Vista Clearing-Create a window through your trees/vegetation to an attractive focal point
  • Tree surveys and inventories
  • Cabling for support of structurally compromised trees
  • Reclaim overgrown areas of your yard
  • Deep root fertilization
  • Woodlot thinning
  • Hedge shearing and maintenance
  • Shrubs- Reduce and reshape plants that have become too large
  • Stump grinding
  • Line Clearance

Your trees… They are renewable! Lots of different things can be done to your trees to make them more stable, more vigorous and more attractive. Many times this begins with a “walk around” with our arborist. He will listen to your concerns while sharing his knowledge and views. Having a meeting with a competent, experienced professional can really enlighten ones aspect on where to begin with landscape improvements.

Tree pruning, if done correctly and regularly, will help ensure your trees for generations. Pruning should be done by someone with knowledge about a trees particular structure and growing habits. Every cut is a wound and opens the tree up for possible infection. Proper pruning can help a tree grow stronger and encourage young trees toward their proper shape. Our arborist can prune for beauty, strength, and health.

Sometimes trees are beyond repair from pruning and need to be removed entirely before they become a liability of possible property damage or personal injury. Our certified arborists can examine your site to evaluate the possible risky trees or tree limbs that need to be removed.

Farley, Inc. will work with your ideas, concerns, and budget to come up with an overall plan to satisfy the needs of your trees and shrubs. We look forward to that initial talk and walk around to get things going!